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 Rapidshare DownloaderThe Rapid Share Downloader
is an application from RapidShare that manages downloads.

On this site you will find the latest in downloads.

The Rapid Share download manager allows a user to download files automatically from RapidShare’s servers. The downloader handles one file at a time and waits – using a wait-time system – before it downloads the next file.

The RapidShare Downloader is free and is used by large download directories like CNet. A user can build a download list very easily. One just copies the download link (URL) into the downloader. The best part is that you don’t have to check for the next file, the system starts the next file automatically. RapidShare Downloader supports 43 language.

RapidShare offers two applications to simplify the managing of files:

RapidShare Uploader

This software allows queuing of uploads. However, it cannot resume interrupted uploads. It is available for Windows and runs without installation.

RapidShare Download Manager

This software has many more features than the RapidShare Uploader, especially queuing and resuming the upload as well as the downloads (only for Premium Members—free users cannot resume). The version linked on the site works with Windows Vista and 7, Mac and Linux.